Happy 1st bday baby matthias

5:49:00 PM

The day that you were born, 365 days ago to be exact, was not only the happiest day of my life, but also the most surreal day that I have ever experienced. ll never forget the very first moment that I saw you. You were just so precious and my heart instantly melted at the sight of you.  It really was love at first sight. hays matth matth what a ride its been having u in the family, we thank the Lord for the joy and cuteness you bring to us & those who meet you. We trully believe that the Lord has created you for great things and we are so greatful that He made us your parents, More than anything, we pray that you grow up to know the awesome God who made you and how much he loves you. We love you little kit, Happy happy 1st bday anak!! (ps still cant believe you're officially a year old now) 😩💋🎉😊 👨‍👩‍👧#timeflies #dailydoseofMatthias #superMatth01

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